The POW! WOW! festival made a success landing on its maiden voyage in Europe last year in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Although the first edition was a success, more than 10,000 visitors one year later proved that POW! WOW! Rotterdam is here to stay. With its heavy artillary of Graffiti, Muralism, Hip Hop culture and live music, the Afrikaanderpark and the surrounding Afrikaanderwijk played host to an array of sensory delights. Considering the main day was Sunday 15th of September, a week before the event saw both the participating artists and plenty of street wandering street art enthusiasts flooding into town to watch art happen.

10,000 people can’t be wrong

The artist line up was as strong as the name POW! WOW! itself. With a Montana GOLD in one hand and a Montana BLACK in the other, the artworks were again broken into two programs. The murals were covered by DANNY RUMBL, DOURONE, DIDIER JABA MATHIEU, HELEN PROCTOR, MURMURE, NINA VALKHOFF, SAID KINOS, SMOK, SMUG, SUPER A, TELMO MIEL, WOES, SLINKACHU and SPENCER LITTLE.


To celebrate the partnership and strengthen the European integration of the POW! WOW! event, Montana Cans released a Limited Edition Collabo Series can in honor of the event. The vibrant green litho sporting the classic POW! WOW!, logo was complimented by the number one used color in the Montana GOLD range, Shock Black! As with all the POW! WOW! collabo series cans before it, they were only available at the event.


And to continue the theme of the “20 VANS 30 CANS” project, artists AVOID010, BILLY COLOURS, BIER EN BROOD, CHAS, DZIA, FELEON, ILLUSTRATOR DANNY, JAWGEM, KARSKI and BEYOND, KLAAS LAGEWEG, LEVI JACOBS, MINA, MR. JUNE, NAAMLOOOZZ, NNAMARI, NOLART, OTTOGRAPH, OX ALIEN, SOGO SHOW, SR. PAPÁ CHANGO, TALIB, STEPHAN BONTJE and VENOUR, were all called in to transform the moving targets. All in all the event went on with an positivity and without a hitch. Hold September 13 free in 2020 as POW! WOW! Rotterdam turns 3. Stayed tuned.. But until then enjoy the recap of 2019 here.

Photographs by Martine Kiers