It’s that time again, and we are proud to announce the release of the MONTANA-CANS LOOKBOOK 2021 EDITION #6. A lot has happened since the release of the last Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK in 2020. Not just in the world, but also for the brand, team, partners, artists, and supporters of Montana-Cans. All the more reason to celebrate the positive things that have been going on and put our focus back on what is important, creativity!

The Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2021 #6 is jam-packed with topics of interest and inspirational goodness. It starts off with a clever collaborative cover illustration from one of our favorite Italian artists, LUGOSIS & STRATO 200´S. The team from FLIGHT MODE shares an essay called “Lockdown on lock”, which shares the perspectives of some world-renowned artists who all share their experiences of life in a pandemic. In 2021 we released the 20th edition of the Montana BLACK Artist Edition cans by ATOM ONE. Not only is it the monumental 20th can in the series, but also pays extra respect to an artist that has well and truly earned it. We take a look at the issue of copyright infringement and artists’ legal rights. Issues that were given a shakeup in 2020 by the SEVENTH LETTER lawyer Jeff Gluck, CHINA TOWN MARKET, and Montana-Cans, in the creation of the “Call my Lawyer” collabo can. In the world of products, the Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack collaboration, and the SPRAYCATION patch series carried even more weight, reminding us to stay free and open in our minds while our physical selves were being forced to stay home.



Being locked down or restricted only added fuel to the artistic fire as many prolific artists used their time wisely to take their art to new levels. Artists such as BOND TRULUV, blowing us away with his augmented reality artwork. And the gritty French bomber KENO, reminded us about the beauty of street bombing. We were introduced to the Israeli photographer MUSA FRAMES, who rose to our attention with his photographic documentation of the Berlin-based 1UP crew and beyond. The JBCB crew took us with them on holidays as soon as the gates to travel were re-opened. Not to mention the amazing innovations of German artist NOMAD, taking his quest of graffiti letter style writing to places it has never been to before. And that’s just some of it. The rest you will need to discover for yourself.

We are proud to share the Montana-Cans LOOKBOOK 2021 #6, and say a big thank you to all those people that helped make graffiti, art, and creativity great again. We hope that the pages within this book are as inspiring and informative for you, as they are for us!