Many stations behind, many stations ahead

Little did anyone know that the youth subculture that was to be born on the east coast of the U.S.A would roll on through the rest of the world like a tsunami for generations to come. In 2021, graffiti style writing and the concept of Hip Hop of which it is often connected to is now as normal as the spray cans and markers that are used to make it. Since its early European beginnings in the 80s, two German graffiti writers that would help in sculpting the face of German, European, and international graffiti are still at it. Symbolically, like a subway line that has no end, they have many stations of their artistic practice behind them, and hopefully many more to come. Those artists are CANTWO and ATOM.

Stopping all stations to Style Writing

These facts, the creators of the “ExpoStation Areal C 2021″ urban and contemporary exhibition, are aware of. From October 6th until October 30th, 2021, CANTWO and ATOM joined over ninety other artists in the indoor and outdoor redefining of the Nordstadt (North city) portion of the German city of Karlsruhe. The Areal C element of the ExpoStation concept originally conceived by local Karlsruhe graffiti artist “Baske Tobe True”, has well and truly set its focus on the Hip Hop cultural component of Graffiti Style Writing.

Along for the ride were many local and internationally names such asAbyz, AaronZeitz, AirMax1, Alecks, Amte, Bar, Basco, Baske ToBeTrue, Chris Graff, Calm, Cesk, Chöc, Core el Draw, Danke, Dater127, David, Deal, Deore, Diaz Uno, Dieter Martus, Dizoe, Dome, El Rico, Emesa, Enrico Bach, EsOne, Franky Freeze, Fabio „Snow“ Perrone, Fuego Fatal, Fuse, Gabse, GiorgioEazy, Gismo, Gregor Lau, Hombre, Hombre Montero, HuckleMary, Intro, Jase, Kane, Lazy Vaude, Low, Mano, Marius Irth, Matriks, Moter, Mose, Nose, Obskur87, Paul Simon, Peso, Ralf Gudat, Relox, Rene Sulzer, Ries, Romey, Sandie, Skope, Scotty76, Sebastian Bauer, Senzi, Shick, Sier, Simon Lalia, Sigma, Smile, Some, Stok La Rock, Story5, Super Soker, Sure, Svlech, SweetUno, Symbios, Tali, Time, Tomek, Tone, Toxin, Trak, Ultras, Vers, Wuam, and Yeko.

See for yourself as CANTWO and ATOM unravel their pieces for “ExpoStation Areal C 2021.”

Dark but warm, CANTWO and ATOM create the autumn mood

The video captured by Lucas Wurmbach takes us through the autumn adventure with CANTWO and ATOM. The classic two-namer flexes the might that is this dynamic duo. Flawless technique sprayed from an enchanting selection of Montana BLACK and GOLD cans. Fat and skinny caps spray out one-off lines that appear to have been practiced millions of times before. A comic-driven character beams dark but warm light through the center of the pieces that is nothing short of a showstopper. Iconic graffiti style writing by two of its best.

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Photography by MontanaCans / Alexander Krziwanie