Mystery Drink Menu Board Created with UV-Effect Spray. Create a guessing game with a special Glow for your guests

When you’re throwing a party, we sometimes feel the need to come up with interesting conversation starters or activities to ensure an absolute minimum of those awkward moments. Well, search no further: This cool idea will surely be the talk of the evening. Jutta and Maike, the creative duo behind the DIY Blog KREATIVFIEBER, have come up with a super-secret mystery drink game to entertain their guests. For this project, you will need some paper, a piece of plywood (this will soon be your menu board), a can of Montana GOLD SH9000 Black, a Montana ACRYLIC Marker 2mm Fine SH9120, a can of Montana UV-EFFECT spray, a cutting mat and an exacto knife, some masking tape and some cardboard or old newspaper.

For starters, you will need to paint the piece of plywood. Using some old newspaper, cover your table or work surface to prevent it from getting sprayed. Since plywood usually tends to soak up the paint, you will need to layer a few coats until your surface is evenly covered. Don’t forget to give the layers some time to dry in-between coats (approximately 15 – 20 minutes). Once your board is dry, you create a design for the recipe of your mystery drink and draw it on your menu board with your Montana ACRYLIC Marker. Remember to substitute two of the ingredients with +Y and +Z. This next step is a little time consuming and will require some patience. Create a stencil spelling out the words of your two ingredients by and printing the lettering out on paper and using the exacto knife and your cutting mat carefully cut out the design. Keep in mind that a bold and sans serif font (such as Arial) will be considerably easier to cut out. DIY PROJECT KREATIVFIEBER MENU BOARD

For your next step, fixate the stencil to your board with masking tape and make sure to cover the surrounding uncovered areas of the board with some extra newspaper. Once you’re sure everything is nicely covered, it’s time to go to town with the Montana UV-EFFECT spray. After applying the first layer of the effect spray, test the glow action of your area, while leaving the stencil in place. You can add a second layer if needed, but keep in mind that the thicker the layer of UV-EFFECT spray, the more likely it is that it will be seen in daylight (since the paint itself does have a semi-gloss finish). Once you’re happy with your glow effect and the paint has had plenty of time to dry, you can take the stencil off and admire your invisible work. Then turn off the lights, take your UV flashlight and appreciate your work at its fullest. At your next party you present this board and just leave the UV flashlight lying around. Wait and see how long it takes your guests to figure out what the secret ingredients are. Your menu board will be the center of attention. Handmade by you.

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