In the world of DIY, any kind of object can be repurposed and used for something completely different. In fact, if you can take a mundane, every-day object – a spoon for example – and transform it into an interior design item – let’s say, a mirror – then you have reached an advanced level of DIY-ism. Heidelberg-based crafting-professional Vera Wohlleben will show you that with the help of some Montana METALLIC spray paints, this exact example is possible.

For this DIY project, you will need a bunch of plastic spoons, some cardboard, an old round mirror, a hot glue gun, a ruler, a drawing compass, some scissors, a plastic sheet or some old newspaper, an adhesive picture hanger, a pair of latex gloves, a mask and three cans of Montana METALLIC paints in three coordinating colors of your choice. Step one will be determining the size of the finished mirror. First you need to measure the diameter of your old mirror glass, excluding the plastic frame (if yours doesn’t have a frame just subtract 2 cm from the diameter of the mirror glass). Now you’re going to need to draw two circles on the cardboard, starting with the circle with the diameter you have just determined. Make sure to position this circle, in the middle of the cardboard, so that you now have enough room to draw a second larger circle. Once you’ve drawn your first circle, you need to determine how large you want the entire mirror to be and draw the outer line of your mirror with the help of your drawing compass. You have successfully drawn a doughnut. Next, you need to cut out that doughnut, discarding the doughnut hole and outer cardboard pieces. For the following step, you’re going to want to cover your work surface in newspaper or a plastic sheet.

Before you start, make sure to shake the can well for 1-2 minutes.
It’s time to spray paint the cardboard with one of your Montana METALLIC colors. The awesome thing about the Montana METALLIC series is that it will adhere to almost any surface, even these plastic spoons. Once it’s fully dry, the durable semi-gloss finish is both hard wear-resistant, as well as flexible. For a perfect and even finish, you need to shake the can well for about 3 minutes before you use it. When applying the paint, it’s best to keep a distance of 15cm – 20cm from the cardboard surface. If you take your time, you might want to shake the can in-between strokes to assure settled pigments are mixed in well. Otherwise, your finish might have tiny lumps of pigments in it. After about 20 minutes, you should be able to touch the surface without it being tacky. Now it’s time for the fun: take your spoons and arrange them in a circle around the outer edge of your mirror, with the handle of the spoon pointing towards the center. Moving back to your prepared work surface with the plastic sheet or newspaper. Take that exact number or spoons and spray paint them with another color shade of Montana METALLIC cans. DIY PROJECT NICESTTHINGS SPOON MIRROR MONTANA METALLIC EFFECT

Vera decided to go from the darkest to the lightest shade from outwards in. When working with aerosol paints, it’s always wise to wear latex gloves and a mask, especially when working indoors. Again, after about 20 minutes, your spoons should be dry and you can start cutting off the handles with your scissors. Stay as close to the bowl part of your spoon as possible. Now for the exciting step: warm up your hot glue gun and start gluing your spoons onto the cardboard in the same way you arranged them earlier. Repeat these last few steps for the second and third ring of spoons, changing up the color of the Montana METALLIC spray paint for each ring.

All images by NICESTTHINGS Vera Wohlleben

See how the spoons transform into flower petals? If you’d like, you can have the middle and center row of spoon-petals overlap a little, like Vera did. Once you’ve finished the center row of petals, it’s time to add the main attraction: the mirror. Using your hot glue gun, glue the mirror to the back of its new flower petal frame. Finally attach the adhesive picture hanger to the back of your cardboard. All that is left to do is to find a spot worthy of this designer mirror. Handmade by you.

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