The cog has an important function in nearly every machine it is used in. It drives the motor, turns the hands of the clock or allows energy to be transferred into movement. New York-based fine artist and graffiti legend FUTURA 2000, is as aware of this just as any engineer would be. FUTURA, who was invited to paint at WYNWOOD WALLS in Miami Florida in 2019, worked on a large scale wall introducing the cog as a new motif of interest to what may also have been a new audience.

Moving in new directions

Video by Zane Meyer of @chopemdownfilms

What started out as massive vibrant yet stagnant blocks of color on a wall, were given movement and harmony via various means including the use of the cog. FUTURA who is well known for creating abstract compositions of color using symbols like the circle was also well-known way back in the seventies for taking traditional graffiti letterforms and abstracting them on the New York Subway system. Although the subway days are well and truly gone, the flair and the energy still remain. With the assistance of the Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK colors FUTURA used to create the mural, the large hand-painted blocks of acrylic color provided the ideal surface for his many diverse techniques to apply paint.

The result, a mural that reads like a timeline for the development of FUTURA’s artistic path. Past and present. See for yourself here.