You can take the artist beyond graffiti, but you can’t take the graffiti out oft he artist. Once letters and typography enter the mental realm of a graffiti artist, it is difficult to erase or dismantle this relationship. No matter how creative and beyond graffiti an artists work goes. A graffiti artist will almost always returns to the source of their inspiration, LETTERS. Smash 137 is a perfect example of an elite artist rolling through the undulating landscape of contemporary art. SMASH137 SMASHING IT

With his feet firmly planted in his graffiti heritage and future open to any creative path he chooses to take, Smash often returns to the source to polish his skills, try out new ideas and possibly just to remind everyone that he still has it! We were lucky to receive this update of steel orientated artworks that sends the message across the globe that the giant never sleeps. Enjoy the ride…

All Images by SMASH137

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