Some dreams are beyond reality. Others can be reality as long as you dream enough. The Urban Creatures project from Sofia in Bulgaria have dreamed larger than they imagined themselves. For the 8th edition of their project, Iasen Geshev the initiator of the project brought artists BOZKO on board to paint the newly de-commissioned AIRBUS. The plane was made available thanks to Lufthansa whom was bringing it out of service and allowed the space for the painting to take place.

BOZKO painted a Airbus in Sofia Bulgaria

Urban Creatures- “We have always wanted to paint a plane”

500 hours of drawing and painting, a team of 20 people and over 1000 Montana BLACK and Montana GOLD cans were used to paint the plane. The round the clock team braved the 40 degree heat, wind and thunderstorms that battered Sofia Airport’s tarmac. The project was called “Nordic Warrior“. The team recognised instinctively that the plane was like a warrior from the north that came to Sofia to end it’s life honourably before it would be destroyed. As with the tradition of movement through the Nordic people’s experience with ships and ocean travel, the aeroplane is the most used contemporary vehicle to travel and explore.

work in process

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Producer: Iasen Geshev, Urban Art Foundation | Photographer: Vladimir Gruev (FREAX)
Video production: Beardfrost Productions