Enter the world of DIY recycling crafts with the Montana METALLIC series. One can to concur all (surfaces)

We have already shown you some incredible, cool projects featuring our Montana METALLIC series, for instance the beautiful “SPOON MIRROR project presented by Vera (NICESTTHINGS)“. Today we’d like to show you how versatile and awesomely useful these effect cans are. First of all: Who doesn’t love some sparkle! This can is available in different color shades including your regular metallic colors EMC1050 Gold, EMC2050 Copper and EMC7010 Silver but also in a light creamy shade EMC2010 Champagner, a darker grey color EMC7060 Graphit and a sparkly EMC9000 Black, topping things off with three varying shades of blue EMC5030 Ice Blue, EMC6210 Tennessee, and EMC6250 Caribbean. Of course these effect sprays can give your artistic creation on canvas a hint of glamour you might have been looking for, but its use isn’t limited to works of art on wood, paper or cardboard. This paint will adhere to any kind of everyday object including metal, ceramic, stone, acrylic and many other surfaces. Thanks to its acrylic-nitro combination base, this paint dries to create a long-lasting and hard wearing surface with a semi-gloss finish, which is highly durable, while still staying flexible.

To show you some of the endless possibilities, Jutta and Maike, the creative duo behind the DIY Blog KREATIVFIEBER, have put together some decorative objects that really needed that little extra touch: glass bottles, for instance. An everyday object that is often taken for granted in our households, usually landing in the trash. Just coat them with some EMC6250 Caribbean and “tadah”: you have a new vase. Using different shaped bottles and a few shades of the Montana METALLIC paints you can create a wonderful eye-catcher for your living space. Or maybe you have an old frame that really could need a coat of fresh paint: Jutta and Maike went with some EMC6210 Tennessee. The paint finish is incredibly smooth even on uneven surfaces, gave our frame some extra depth. They even decided to attempt something a little out there, and tried coating some decorative dried leaves in the beautiful EMC1050 Gold. It worked so well. As you can see, the greatest thing about the choice in colors is that they also all look incredible when combined.


No need to worry about color combinations. You can choose the colors you prefer and lean back knowing together, they’ll look dazzling. So if you’re into recycling old objects or you have a specific project in mind, the Montana METALLIC Effect Spray will definitely be an excellent choice. You will find yourself entering into a whole new world of decorative interior design accessories. Handmade by you.

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