Montana ACRYLIC Marker Session with HOMBRE SUK

Recently we visited Hombre in his hometown of Mannheim for an „ACRYLIC Session“ using the Montana ACRYLIC marker range to create artworks on wood. Hombre is no stranger to color and after a quick coat of primer he was off and away applying an array of lines and color fields. From flat to round, broad to thin, the lines built up and the character Hombre created came to life before our eyes…

In the left corner, coming from and representing Mannheim is Hombre of Homboog fame. In the right corner, the Montana ACRYLIC artist markers. If you put the two in the ring and give them a bit of time, anything is possible. To see how the session rolled out.

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Montana ACRYLIC Marker Range

The Montana ACRYLIC marker range consists of high quality water-based paint and is available in 36 vibrant colors that match to corresponding colors in the Montana GOLD spray paint series. The series consists of 21 Montana GOLD Shock colors as well as other selected color shades from the GOLD range. The paint is lightfast, water- and abrasion proof (when sealed with Montana VARNISH) allowing application to almost any surface.