Germany is proud of its interrelations with Turkey. After the second world war, a large Turkish migration occurred and the bond between the two countries grew as the migrants arrived and helped re-build a nation. Today, the cultural melting pot is well and truly stirred as the children of the original arrivals are now having children of their own. Somewhere amongst that mix of the second and third generation people is another melting pot. A melting pot of graffiti style writing talent. And no other city in Germany has been touched by the styles of writers with Turkish orientations, then Berlin.


A Turkish graffiti jam in Berlin

On September 12, 2020, Turkish writer SAET62, decided to pool this talent together to create the first ever URBANATOLIAN JAM 2020, in Berlin. Bringing together some of the iconic writers such as one of Berlin’s greatest, AMOK, the URBANATOLIAN JAM delivered some classic and innovative graffiti with a contemporary Turkish flavor. Well equipped with Montana BLACK and GOLD cans, the participants made sure that the pieces held their ground, regardless of the heritage of the writers that created them. See for yourself here.

The full artist line up included ADEM, AMOK156, BAKER, BANDIT77, CREME, DHENO, EL RICO7, GREB, HULK62, KANE62, KEMAL, LEROY, MUROE, NEK30, POKER ROK,SAET62, SENOL36, TIZZEY and honorary guests, KANE TPM and KADIR ‘AMIGO’ MEMIS aka BOZUQEE.