Artbooks and magazines often tell a complicated story about the creation of how artworks were made or the motivations behind them. Sometimes, things just are easier than we think and just happen as easily as they were thought up. For the German artist Clemens Behr who resides in the capital city of Berlin, it can often be a combination of both. In the courtyard of the Wiensowski and Harbord organization in Berlin, his installation artwork had obviously had a lot of thought put into it. All of his artwork does. Many years of trial and error have led him to the point where his artwork is today. But there is also an element of ease in his work that comes with the experience he has gained through creating site-specific artwork.

The new artwork by Clemens Behr
a new artwork by Clemens Behr

For this artwork, Behr returns to the courtyard for the fourth time, to add some necessary reparations to the artwork and play a little further with how it looks. First created in 2013, it was then changed in 2015, 2017, and now in 2021.  With a little help from his chosen Montana GOLD and BLACK colors, the artwork has always managed to go back into service at its courtyard home. Even if a tree had fallen down on it once!

Embracing change

This story of change reflects the continuous development of Clemens Behr’s artwork. Just as he made the change from Graphic Design to Fine Art, his artwork rolls with the punches that he and his surroundings bring with them. Each change in available material leading to a new path or shift in how his artworks look. Although Wiensowski and Harbordis not officially a gallery space, the semi-regular exhibitions and installations there give Behr’s courtyard artwork a safe place to evolve. Able to be seen from the street, the artwork continues to age gracefully. Even with all its changes. In light of the artwork’s recent touch-up, take a moment to look at the progress of the courtyard work, and a variety of Behr’s other recent works that go well beyond graffiti art and spray paint use.

All images by the artist Clemens Behr & Phillip Zwanzig