Jump Through Time mural

If anything is further way from the Back To Future time travel trilogy, then it is Vladimir Manzhos’s latest mural “Jump Through Time” for SWK. Or is it? Continuing the tradition started while part of the Ukrainian artist duo, Interesni Kazki, Manzhos aka WAONE creates a mural that is both captivating and engaging.


In the artists own words, “Jump through time is a metaphor of the travel in time. This is about moment when the mind is racing so fast that you see the result of the chain of numerous activities, the moment when you can slow down the time”. At a size of 8 meters x 12 meters, the work took 8 days to complete and is based on a painting and lithograph WAONE did in collaboration with Idem Paris.


Laced with all the symbolism and intrigue of a classic Interesni Kazki mural, WAONE takes things a step further, or at least in a direction that is more personal and relevant to his own dreams and thoughts. With a twist of tradition, WAONE has long turned his back on spray paint and classic graffiti letters. However with the ease and vibrance of the Montana ACRYLIC refill range, a vast water based world of color and flexibility enables him to create exactly the images he wants.

Take a look here as we see the progression of the mural take place, from a start with somewhat chaotic marks, to a well executed finished artwork.



Stadt.Wand.Kunst WebsiteWAONE artist website

Video filmed and edited by Malte Papenfuß / Gallion Film
Photogtraphy by Alexander Krziwanie / MontanaCans